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CTI's Engineering Division is thoroughly experienced in providing geotechnical services, with cost effective solutions, on the most difficult of sites. Utilizing experienced staff engineers, and drawing on years of experience with the soils typical of the Mid-Atlantic, CTI is committed to quality, efficiency, and rapid response. Our Engineering Department is regionalized with field staff in every CTI office to assure timely response regardless of project location.

Each of CTI's branch offices provides a full array of construction testing and inspection services and, and each office has fully equipped soils and concrete laboratories certified and inspected by organizations such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Washington Area Council of Engineering (WACEL) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). CTI's approach towards Materials Testing and Inspection Services is focused on enhancement of overall project quality through proactive and timely services. The firm is always mindful of project schedules and our goal is to service each client in a manner that increases overall project value while maintaining project schedule integrity.

CTI's Environmental Services Department includes geologists, engineers, and scientists experienced in a wide range of environmental disciplines. Services offered include environmental phase I & II assessments, preliminary wetland assessments, asbestos testing, contamination investigations, mold surveys and testing, and environmental compliance audits.

CTI's Code Compliance Division provides private Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), Fire Alarm Protection, Fire Suppression, and Elevator inspections as well as plan review in lieu of local Building Departments. Private Third Party Inspections allow for responsive and timely service in counties with slow or backlogged inspection departments. These services save time, reduce costs, and prevent technical delays in permitting. This department offers a reliable, cost effective, legally sound alternative to County or City inspections.

CTI provides new construction and retro commissioning services for government, commercial, and private buildings. Our LEEDŽ Accredited Professionals perform Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning as well as specialty services and other LEED credit certifications. CTI's thorough approach proves cost effective for the contractor and ensures that the owner receives a high performance, low maintenance, and low operating cost facility.

CTI is a leader in large building air barrier consulting, performance testing, and diagnostics. CTI has a staff specially trained and certified in Air Barrier Systems, Whole Building Air Barrier Testing, and Infrared Thermography. We have the experience and knowledge to perform the testing necessary to help our customers meet their required standards.

CTI provides an array of specialty services such as condition surveys, quality insurance, video/ photo documentation, and many others. CTI's wide range of services allows clients a unique one-stop-shop for all their quality control needs.

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