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Far from simply being an environmental inspection of a property, a Phase I ESA provides environmental liability protection under Federal Law. When purchasing property, one can incur the risk of buying a previous owner's environmental contamination problems. To avoid this situation, current federal regulations provide a means of protection; The Environmental Site Assessment. Prepared to ASTM Standard E1527-00, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment evaluates current and historical activities conducted on and near the subject property.

The Phase I ESA is intended to permit a user to satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the innocent landowner defense to CERCLA Superfund liability. It specifically addresses petroleum products as well as other potentially hazardous materials, which may be associated with a property.

Typical Phase I ESA Includes:
  • Physical description of site
  • Determination of adjacent land use
  • Preparation of land use history and a review of records associated with the site
  • Submission of a written report summarizing conclusions of studies and land use recommendations

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are detailed evaluations of a site or property, typically conducted after a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment includes a program of specific sampling and chemical analyses to confirm the presence or absence of contamination in soil, water, sediment and possibly building materials. The sampling strategy and chemical analysis is targeted to the potential or known site contaminants identified in the Phase I.

Typical Phase II ESA Includes:
  • Planning and execution of a sampling program(s)
  • Installation of and sampling from monitoring wells
  • Analyzing samples obtained from sampling activities
  • Submission of written reports summarizing results of sampling and analysis activities and recommendations for use and development of lands.

CTI's Environmental Compliance Audit capabilities have been applied to both company-wide and individual facilities. Since environmental regulations are both extensive and continually being updated, we include the use of commercial databases to obtain up-to-date information.

Our multi-media audit service is designed to provide detailed assessment of chemical storage, process and waste stream management with attention to applicable air, water, and waste regulations.

This service is typically comprised of three major components:
  • A pre-audit interview;
  • The site audit; and
  • Post-audit compliance assistance.

CTI will review, in detail, the facility's Environmental Management System, including permits and reporting requirements. Where applicable, emission and discharge source evaluation and abatement programs, and categorical pre-treatment systems are evaluated. If needed, our experienced engineers and staff scientists can identify cost-effective methods, which prevent or reduce the hazards and costs associated with chemical and waste handling, processing, and storage.

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